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Recapture the 80s with this cassette tape watch

Recapture the 80s with this cassette tape watch

I’ve written before about both my love of good (preferably large) watches and my nostalgia for cassette tapes, and here’s a design that brings them both together with a dash of style.

It’s available for ??35.00 (around $69) from Asos, who for some strange reason have it in the men’s section of their website… Hey Asos, girls can be geeks too, y’know!


Life With The iPod Touch

I just got an iPod Touch last week. I bought it because I was working on a project and I needed the iPod Touch for the project. I’ve seen and played with the iPod Touch when it first came out but I didn’t “live” with it.

I guess I didn’t appreciate the iPod Touch as much as I do now. It’s really like a mini-computer that fits at the palm of your hand.

In the week that I’ve had my touch, I barely used the music features of it. I used mostly the internet features of the touch. From surfing, chat all the way to checking email. The Touch made it so convenient for me.

Although I didn’t use the music features a lot, I did use the video features. It was also a great coincidence that I got iTunes GCs as a present from my dad. I loved the fact that I could rent a motion picture on iTunes, begin watching it on my Mac, transfer it to my iPod Touch, watch it there some more and transfer it back to my Mac if needed. This feature really came in handy during my hospital visit.

What really got me was the ton of apps I could install on my Touch. My favorite is TouchPad Pro. It allows you to control your Mac via VNC. While there’s a lag, it’s good as a remote control. It needs some work but it’s really a great tool.

The apps really got me excited for the launching of the App store. I can’t wait to see the apps that will be available.

Now after living with an iPod Touch, I can’t see my life without it. I realized I don’t need the huge storage space that the Classic has. I need the features of the Touch more.