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How nice are you… on the net?

How nice are you… on the net?

However caring and compassionate you are in real life, according to new research, things tend to turn nasty when you log onto the internet. The BBC says that an annual report into web habits by internet guru Dr Jakob Nielsen shows that most people want to use the internet for finding information, and so get frustrated and angry at the amount of pop-up ads and interactive content on offer – it’s too distracting.

Video content which was designed to make websites more user-friendly and interesting often make sites slower to load instead and people get really steamed up about it – pretty much the opposite of what was intended. (I wonder if that’s what drives some of the abusive comments bloggers get?)

Nielsen concludes that the reason search engines are so popular is that we are all impatient: we want our info, and we want it NOW. No messing. “Basically search engines rule the web,” he says.