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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for PlayStation 2

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for PlayStation 2GTA Vice City offers stunning and realistic game play, that will leave you baffled. Released more than 5 years ago, this game still remains to be a legend in the industry. No other game has dared to go where vice city has gone. Rockstar Games brings you another exclusive game to add to your collection. Their are plenty of levels and tons of surprises down the road while playing. With a huge array of vehicles and weapons, this game is surely an adventure. The missions are very unique, you will find in no other video game.

The game is based in the 1980’s, so you’ll definitely sense the era while playing the game. They have all the cool 80’s cars, music and styles. From a Gadget Addicts perspective, this video game is a must have for any gamer. If you don’t have a GTA game at all, then you really have no idea what your missing. Their are many different scenarios integrated in to the game, to create an amazing adventure. This is one of the best games ever created for the PS2, and you can buy it new for a great low price.