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Demy, the digital recipe reader, wants to be your cookbook

Demy, the digital recipe reader, wants to be your cookbook

I’m not sure this is a solution to the recipe-wrangling problem, and since it will cost $299, I’m not prone to find out. If you do, please report on the Demy, claimed to be the first and only kitchen-safe recipe reader. Not quite clear what that means, except wipeable.

Room for up to 2500 recipes, and sync-worthy with your account at Not available until Might, but you can pre-order from AmazonDemy, the digital recipe reader, wants to be your cookbook.

I dunno about you, but my treasured recipes are mostly not on the internet. They’re either scribbled on scraps of paper or in elderly grease-stained cookbooks with collapsed bindings. So I’m wondering, could I download favorite cookbooks into a Kindle instead? And then just be very, very careful with the grease?

The Canon EOS 40D Digital Camera

Tough, exceptional, phenomenal…those are all synonyms of Canon’s EOS 40D digital camera. This camera is perfect for the amateur photographer. It provides the photographer with high quality

The Canon EOS 40D Digital Cameraimages and great features while still being an “easy-to-use” device. Furthermore, its lightweight and “feel” are precise for most users.

A few more detailed features of the camera include its 10.1 megapixels, a large 3 inches LCD display, a long lasting battery life, a 6.5 fps (frame per second) continuous shooting ability. In addition, the LCD display comes with Canon’s innovative Live View and enhanced color views. Overall: an astonishing camera, full of features for the advanced amateur.


Canon PowerShot SD870 IS Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot SD870 IS Digital Camera

The compact SD870 packs a smooth design and neat performance in to one durable camera. This camera has 8.3 Megapixels of resolution, which is more than enough to take quality pictures. There is also a 3.8x optical zoom, to allow you to get a little closer to your subject. The Autofocus gives you a clearer picture, without having to move a finger. You can alternate the image and video resolutions of the media you shoot with ease. Video will be taken at 30 fps in AVI or Motion JPEG formats. There is no limit to the length of video you take, which means you can use your camera to take video for lengthy events. White balance is adjustable between Auto, Manual, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent and Tungsten. Your taken images will be compressed in Fine, SuperFine or Normal modes.

Save your images on either a Multimedia Card, SD Card or SDHC Card. Choose from different flash functions including Flash Off, Auto Flash, Fill-in Flash, Red-eye Reduction Flash or Slow Sync. View your images from the 3 inch LCD Panel, which has a resolution of 230,000 pixels. The Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery will last you for 270 images when fully charged. Cool features include sleep timer, Built-in Microphone, Optical Image Stabilizer, Face Detection Technology and a 90 day warranty. Accessories included with your purchase are Software, USB Cable, Hand Strap, 32 MB Memory Card, Lithium Battery, Battery Charger and AV Cable. From a Gadget Addicts perspective, this very stylish camera belongs mostly in the hands of a beginner. A compact size and a wide angle lens attribute to even swifter picture taking.


SanDisk Sansa e280 8 GB Digital Media Player

SanDisk Sansa e280 8 GB Digital Media PlayerThis compact MP3 player can hold 2000 of your favorite songs. You can even add more external memory with a MicroSD Transflash Card. The e280 plays MP3, WAV, WMA and ASF audio files. Unlike most other MP3 players, it also plays MPEG-4, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV and AVI video files. The 1.8 inch screen is bright and displays the unique Sansa interface nicely. Cool features include FM Stereo Tuner, Voice Recorder, Radio Recorder and Built-In Card Reader. The Rechargeable Lithium Battery lasts for 20 hours when full charged, giving this media player, excellent battery life.

The sound quality is clear, just like an iPod, just without the price tag. The 2280 is very affordable, and is cheaper than any iPod. It also has a lock button, to avoid accidentally changing your playback. Durability is a plus on this device, since it’s built solid. The interface is simple and upfront. From a Gadget Addicts perspective, this mp3 player is an excellent choice if your looking for an MP3 player. The interface is different, so it will take some getting used too. The screen is going to get scratched if you don’t take good care of it, but if your at all careful, you’ll be alright. Also, the earphone that are included, aren’t exactly top quality. It seems like all you need to do, upon your purchasing your device, is to buy a sleeve for protection and earphones. Overall, I would choose the Sansa e280, over an iPod, any day.


The unique watch with mechanical ‘digital’ display

The unique watch with mechanical 'digital' displayIf you consider that Di Grisogono Meccanica DG is a hybrid mechanical-digital watch, then you are wrong. This is a limited-edition line of the watch that includes just 177 amazing models.

It is remarkable, that the watch consists of 651 pieces and there are no digital parts or LEDs. The gadget was presented as the world’s most complicated digital-analog watch. Anyway, the digital display is mechanical and is made of rolling tubes that form the digital segments.

This is the description of the work of the watch:
The gadget’s digital display is mechanically operated, it shows tens of hours, single hours, tens of minutes and, of course, single minutes. The whole system is displayed via mobile micro segments driven by an accumulation of 23 cams attached to a set of gears and a starting and synchronization system. The necessary information about the time is showed by a system of 23 horizontally and vertically positioned micro segments.

The horizontal segments are 2.90 mm in length and their weigh is just 10 milligrams. At the same time, vertical segments measure 9 mm high, but the weight is 25 milligrams. The segments feature four sides: two opposing visible sides featuring multicolored strips and the other sides are unmarked. Time changes depend on 90° rotations of the segments.