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Meiji chocolate bar puzzle for low-tech Tetris gamers

Meiji chocolate bar puzzle for low-tech Tetris gamers

If you were blown away by the color-screen version of the handheld Tetris game, then you’ll love this Meiji chocolate bar puzzle from Strapya World. You’re clearly quite easy to please, so I can tell you won’t mind that the inedible puzzle isn’t electronic and that rather than clearing lines, the object of this “game” is to fit all of the chocolate-looking pieces into the included clear container.

It’s the anti-Tetris really because you’ve got similar-looking pieces that must be positioned manually (instead of flipping them frantically into place as they fall from the sky at accelerating speeds) and the more open space you have, the less “done” the game is (as opposed to trying not to let the rows of blocks build up too high). Additionally, if you’ve managed to figure out all 2,339 ways to solve the puzzle, you get to”level up” by buying another chocolate bar: white chocolate = easy, milk chocolate = beginner, black (dark?) chocolate = advanced.

Grab yours from Strapaya World for about $7.