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New Features For iPhone OS 3.0

If you’ve been searching for an excuse to update your iPhone (or finally make the leap and purchase one of your very own for the first time), the announcement from Apple yesterday on the new features and goodies it will include might just push you over the edge. The focus appears to be cleaning up a lot of the nagging tiny things that a user would anticipate being easy from the begin.

New Features For iPhone OS 3.0

Image: Apple

Systemwide search- now you can find what you’re looking for from within one search interface, instead of having to detemine what you’re searching for first.

Copy and paste for text, pics, and SMS- why you weren’t able to take a selection of text and move it around across applications before…is just crazy. Finally you can grab a text message and paste it into an email, or grab someone’s name and use it to name a properly name a pic. As just two scenarios where this is more than just a ‘nice to have’.

MMS – I’ve never been a massive user of multimedia messages, but now you can send and receive them on your iPhone.

Improved GPS -probably the biggest complaint I heard from all my iPhone loving friends, is that the GPS has been subpar from the begin. This sounds like a large improvement all around.

Micropayments – while I comprehend why this would be useful, I do appreciate that right now I purchase an app…and then it’s done. Well, now app developers have the option of requiring you to subscribe instead of paying one fee up front.

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New Features For iPhone OS 3.0

New Features For iPhone OS 3.0 – Tracking Your Mileage - Tracking Your Mileage

The middle of last year I uncovered the FuelFrog website which let’s you track your fuel mileage.

The MyMileMarker website serves the same function and let’s you track. MyMileMarker lets you collect all the information that’s important in tracking your mileage and travel information. They then provide you with some great reports of the information as well. You can also submit your fill-up information through their mobile site, or via twitter too. - Tracking Your Mileage - Tracking Your - Tracking Your - Tracking Your - Tracking Your Mileage - Tracking Your Mileage

Jorno Bluetooth – Portable Keyboard for Your Smartphone

This pocket size keyboard for developed by Cervantes Mobile for the users of the iPhone and a number of other smartphones.

Dubbed the Jorno Bluetooth, this keyboard can be easily folded and unfolded to transform your handset into a fully functional computer.

When folded, the device becomes rather compact and can be easily carried in a pocket or bag.

The Jorno features detachable cradle to hold a handheld device in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Expected to be available in 2011, the keyboard will cost $ 99, but if preordered you will pay $ 79.

[via Gizmowatch]

Logitech Unveils World’s First and Slimmest Solar-Powered Keyboard

The Swiss company Logitech has recently presented its new keyboard that harnesses solar energy.

The company claims that its latest device is the world’s first and slimmest fully solar-powered keyboard. It is just 7 millimeters thick and 5 times more energy efficient than the keyboards previously manufactured by Logitech.

Dubbed the K750, the solar-powered keyboard can harness not only the energy from the sun but also from an indoor lamp.

The wireless device includes low-power integrated circuits, a power optimized wireless link and 2 solar panels used to refill the onboard battery.

In addition, Logitech decide to develop a free desktop application for Windows that is able to provide accurate information about the energy currently stored in the device and the current light levels.

The solar-powered keyboard will be available on the company official website starting December, having a price tag of 79 Euros.

[via Pocket-lint] – a Killer of

filepie.comSeveral days ago, a friend of mine showed me a site he’d found in Google. Telling the truth, I though that it was some kinda scam or something illegal. It sounded quite tempting – 29.95$ a month for getting access to almost unlimited database of movies, mp3 albums, software, etc. I decided to take a risk and registered to this site. It was all for free, and very soon a surprise was waiting for me: when I clicked on my first “Download” button, I was re-directed to the payment page where I was immediately offered a trial for only 4.95$ per month! Everything works alright! I have downloaded “Rambo 4” and it was for less than a dollar. Also, I’ve found and downloaded some rare mp3 albums for 0.2-0.3 dollar each, as well as some programs I was looking for.

I looked through the site and could not help noticing its benefits. is a very user-friendly resource, where everything is very simple and well-organized, so you will never get lost in searching for something you need. The site is not overloaded with heavy applets or useless ads, and everything works really very fast! The database of is very impressive, and it seems that they receive newly released movies or albums quite fast. However, their main advantage is anonymity: they do not ask for any personal information of yours.

After signing up, you gain access to the member’s area with multifarious and interesting content which is regularly being updated by the users of this site. Now, there are over 2500 movies, 640000 mp3 songs, 1000 adult movies, 1100 programs. Within the first month, your money will be taken from your account according to the traffic you use (in GB), so there is no payment for content. For example, it will cost you less than a dollar to download a movie, and for an mp3 song they take around 0.1 dollar. It is cheaper than in any online media shop.

Is it legal? I am not sure, but they claim that it is! Anyway, it’s all anonymous, so it’s only their problem, not ours. Is it a scam? Definitely not! I am sure that with such great ambitions this young media-project can drive out of the market, or at least become a very decent rival of it!

Last off, there are some screen-shots:

filepie scam

register to

WWDC is Over

I am just about done thinking about the WWDC.

I wish more had happened on the Macintosh front. I love what has happened with the iPhone, but I really want to see something new from Apple in regards to computers.

I am excited to see that Snow Leopard is coming out. I think this will not be a for everyone upgrade, but it should increase speed and reliability and open doors for the future.

I think the biggest problem with the “high” that is an Apple Event is that I am already over this one and looking for to the next big thing Apple has coming.


Amazing Catch by Ball Girl

Amazing Catch by Ball Girl“;” alt=””/>

Is this for real? It appears to be edited slightly. What do you think? If it is real this girl needs to be booked on Letterman so she can get some serious props and credit for that amazing catch!

Uncovered by Douglas Karr

Update: This was a Gatorade TV spot I believe

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