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Tequila Herradura – Best of the best for Fourth of July

Tequila Herradura - Best of the best for Fourth of July

Each year our block in the South Bay has a wild (but very well-organized ) July 4th Block party. We do it up right – get a permit to close down the street, rent a double slip n’ slide, run pop-ups and tables down the middle of the street, set up cooking in “BBQ alley” (Brad’s driveway), referee a volleyball and basketball tourney, and string up pinatas. In the evening, the neighborhood band plays and we all dance – munchkins and seniors alike. And all the while I’m serving up my “famous” margaritas.

What’s so fabulous about them? It’s not the homemade mix, fresh limes, or margarita salt. It’s the Herradura tequila, a secret among tequila aficionados. Located and produced in the heart of Mexico’s tequila region, in the tiny town of Amatitan, Jalisco, Tequila Herradura is 100% blue agave tequila carefully crafted using traditional methods, such as cooking the agave in clay ovens and fermenting naturally with wild yeast. They’re one of the few producers to grow their own blue agave, which takes up to 10 years to mature. Like a fine wine, they’re aged in oak for different lengths of time. For example, the Herradura A?ejo Herradura Gold (Reposado) ferments for 2 years, and my favorite, the Herradura Silver, for only 40 months, and none of their tequilas contain carmel (for coloring), sugar or additives.

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Chad Hurley Tells the Story of YouTube

At a startup dinner in Palo Alto the other night, YouTube founder Chad Hurley told the story of YouTube. Grab some popcorn, kids, because this is thrilling stuff.

YouTube’s been around three years. TV’s been around fifty years. The former is well ahead of schedule to kick the latter’s ass.

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Recapture the 80s with this cassette tape watch

Recapture the 80s with this cassette tape watch

I’ve written before about both my love of good (preferably large) watches and my nostalgia for cassette tapes, and here’s a design that brings them both together with a dash of style.

It’s available for ??35.00 (around $69) from Asos, who for some strange reason have it in the men’s section of their website… Hey Asos, girls can be geeks too, y’know!


PickupPal – Connecting Drivers, Passengers and Packages

PickupPal - Connecting Drivers, Passengers and Packages

Here’s an interesting website I just uncovered that might alleviate some of the $4/gallon gas pains everyone is having.

It’s called PickupPal and it connects drivers with passengers and packages. I’ve seen sites for carpooling and ride-sharing before but this is a bit of a new twist.

PickupPal’s core service is providing a venue for either passengers or packages to find or be matched to a driver—typically already travelling in a certain direction or destination—for a small commission. This intelligent matching is performed via our own proprietary set of software algorithms that dynamically and in real time compare routing, frequency, locational, and driver/passenger preferences against a pool of registered users.

This kind of service may have really come in handy for me a couple of years ago when I sold an antique silver chest on eBay and ended up driving it to Norfolk, VA myself because I didn’t quite trust any other shippers.

Would you use a service like this? What other similar services have you seen to compare it to out there?

Source: – Are You Serious? - Are You Serious?

I’m driving home from work the other day and I see a sweet bass boat coming down the highway. I should probably clarify, it was on a trailer being pulled by a truck, I KNOW how boats work.

The cool part about this boat and truck was that they were matching! Both of them had “Folgers” coffee logo on them. Then I begin to think this guy’s a professional fisherman (or maybe won some kind of coffee drinking contest perhaps?) or something.

I get closer to it and see the following URL:

That’s right, and there it is, my curiosity is piqued and I’m just waiting to get home to check-out this website and what it’s all about.

Sadly, I couldn’t find a lot of details about what’s behind this whole thing, but I’m guessing you pick your fishing team hope your guy catches lots of fish.

Has anyone else seen this? Have you been playing? I’ve got to know more about it. What can you tell me.


Weezer “Pork and Beans” Spotlights Online Viral Videos

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If you’ve spent much time on the Internet you’ll probably get at least a few of these references to some popular online viral videos.

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Olympics on-the-go, but not for everyone

Olympics on-the-go, but not for everyone

I was thrilled to bring you the news that you will be able to watch Olympic events on your laptop, and even download them for later watching offline. And all for free.

And then I read the announcement more carefully. The system is available only to users of Vista. No Macs need apply, nor Linux users, nor even other Windows versions, like us XP users who are hanging in there as long as possible.

David Chartier at Ars Technica explains it all. Dang.

No word yet on NBC’s plans for Olympics coverage adapted to mobile platforms like iPods and video players. But surely there will be some? Won’t there?