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Palm TX Handheld

Palm TX HandheldThe Palm TX allows you to perform a variety of wireless uses. It has built-in Wi-Fi to allow to surf the internet from cafes, airports, office or campus. It also allows you to check your email and run other cool applications. It runs on Palm OS operating system and has a 312 MHz Arm processor. It also has 128 MB of built in memory. The bright 16-bit Transflective Color TFT display has an output of 64k colors. The interface operates via Touch Screen or 5-Way Navigator. If your looking to expand your memory, there is a SDIO Slot, Secure Digital SD Card Slot and MultiMediaCard Slot.

Listen to music from the built-in MP3 Player through a speaker or a 3.5 mm Stereo jack. Wireless capabilities include Built-in Wireless, WLAN 802.11b, Bluetooth and Infrared FIR. Accessories included with your purchase are a USB Synchronization Cable, Flip cover and AC adapter. From a Gadget Addicts perspective, this slim and easy to use device will come in handy in your everyday life. It also has very cool features and great battery life. If your really in to the high end technology of hand held palms, then you should really consider this device.