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Iphone clone

An iPhone clone is a device featuring most of the hardware and software similar to the Apple, Inc. iPhone 3G. These devices look and feel like the Apple company iPhone 3G but are usually of a lesser distinction of quality. The software and hardware are of lesser value and complexity. Most of the iPhone clones have defective hardware and software which may consist of bugs. The various popular iPhone clones available on the market mostly originate from china and are priced very economically. The hardware and software incorporated into the device are also of good quality. The M88 Smartphone, the Sciphone i9, the i9, the N99i and the T32 phones are good examples of the iPhone clones in the market today.

The CECT i9 iPhone clone or the iClone as it would be called has all of the major features of the iPhone. The best part being the price which is cut in half of the original Apple iPhone 3G price. The tilting and shaking function of the device is an advantageous feature. This feature of the iClone i9 allows scrollerless advance and return of viewed image on the screen. A simple shake of the wrist will allow for a change in the image being viewed on the screen. The latest models of the i9 come with 8GB of data storage giving ample space for large files like videos, images and applications. The i9 iClone comes with the trendiest body construction and in many colors too.

The CECT M88 is the competition to many of the latest iPhone clones in the market. The one thing that sets this device apart is the Wi-Fi facility. The super fast Wi-Fi access that can be utilized in this device allows for superior web surfing experience added with highly compatible browsers and of course Java support. Java support enhances the gaming experience to the fullest. The vibration coordinated with the gameplay of many popular iPhone games that can be downloaded using the high speed access is an added fun feature. The biggest thing about this iClone when compared to the original Apple company iPhone is the fact that there is a camera built into the device. The 1.3 MP camera does enough wonders for a quick shot while on a call at some hotspot.

The Sciphone i9 is another variant of the i9 but is not the same. This iPhone clone device also features the major attractions of the original Apple company iPhone plus added Java support. The latest Java downloads enhance the gaming experience wonderfully. The speakers integrated into the hardware of the device are just clear enough to listen with comfort. The camera and built in FM radio tuner give sophistication to this clone of the Apple iPhone. Even more attractive are the e-book reader and the webcam facility.

While many of these devices feature the major attractions of the original iPhone, the cost price is the best part. You stand to receive all the kickass operations of the Apple iPhone and more for half the price  in most cases.

Iphone Accessories

Any freshly innovated piece of electronic gadget comes with only itself in the market for company. Accessories are fashioned to suit the compatibility issues of the devices. Whatever the accessory, it is usually made with the adage “ necessity is the mother of innovation” in mind. If a gadget seems incomplete by itself, then the whole world takes to its labs to produce just that accessory which would make the user experience with such a device only more complete.

The Apple, Inc. creation, the iPhone came in just this fashion into the market. It was pretty lonely without any compatible security accessories or additional support in the form of software or hardware. The hardware versions of the accessories are the most commonly available in the market while the software application variety are mostly devised to enhance productivity. The range of accessories available apply to various functionalities of the device itself.

The docking station would be the most useful accessory for the iPhone 3G. The docking station allows for multiple input modes like the augmented aid of an external keypad or a mouse in tandem with the phone’s processor. The device can also be used for networking and as a display unit. The speaker docks made by several brands stand to enliven the audio experience with your favorite music and music videos too. Just download your most preferred tracks from iTunes and you are already on the way to a dance night. The youtube videos you could play on this device would sound the richest using any of the most popular speaker dock brands. Imagine listening to a lecture by Raymond Kurzweil added with his wittiest futurisms ever or even one by Richard Dawkins to ponder whether God could have made a gadget like this one. The latest singles by Britney Spears or that really rare 70s disco track someone loaded onto youtube can be very appealing to view and listen.

The sports armband made by any popular manufacturer of these accessories could be a very useful investment when you have a routine at the park. Jog on to the dance beats or a medley of rock while the  iPhone straps onto your arm like a smoker’s remedy patch. The strap comes in handy while at a household chore or during a stint under the hood of a car.

The cases are the best other investments to make for iPhone accessories. These cases are crafted to fit in the iPhones like a snug. Carry one in your purse or backpack for that unforeseen moment when you may want to tuck away your iPhone for later use, maybe when in class or in a meeting at office.

The bluetooth headset is another attractive but very useful accessory which is a gadget in itself. There are multitudes of brands of these devices which sit on your ear and allow you to speak on your phone without opening it out of your case. These things make you look like a star trekker.

The car charging appliance would be very convenient to use while traveling. Just plug the iPhone through this appliance to your car charging outlet and way to go!

Unlock iPhone

The one big deal with iPhones or any popular mobile cell phone is the fact that the sim card of one network remains in use anywhere in the world the phones are taken. For example if the iPhone sim card is derived from one carrier brand then the network usage of the particular iPhone is done through the payment arrangements of that carrier alone. Unlocking an iPhone would allow for using sim cards from other carriers in other places of the world without the complexity of restriction to one single network and its arrangements with other networks. This process of unlocking iPhones would be against the law in most cases and should only be attempted with care. The AT&T network sim card comes with the Apple iPhone  on a contract basis. Breaking out of this would require a user to hack into the workings of this device and unlock the phone for use with other network sim cards that are usually not recommended for use with this device.

The first such hack which has been recorded was in the hands of a teenager who disassembled the device and performed tweakings on the hardware and software of the device to achieve an unlocked iPhone. The methods used by this teenager proved to be very complex for other users with a fast lifestyle to even think aside of. The massive requirement of equipment and other resources like lengthy periods of concentrated effort make the unlocking of an iPhone to be the most unappealing thing to do.

Myuch of the unlocking today is done by much more convenient methods of software applications. Whatever you do with your iPhone gadget expecting to achieve an unlocked phone with flexibility of network usage, do be aware of all the junk you could be left with in case the mission were to fail. Many people around the world have failed in there attempts and ended up with destroyed phones. Even tweaking the software could result in the gadget turning dysfunctional. Any firmware upgrade that may be available for download could only be more secure than the previous versions to prevent unauthorized access to unlocked iPhones.

There are many touting scam artists out there who might recommend a tweak to you but most of these come with as huge a price tag as the iPhone itself. Think before you tweak this device. Neither do you want to end up with a dysfunctional device nor do you want to feel guilty of unauthorized manipulation. The web is full of apparent methods for a full unlock of your iPhone device which are usually the worst methods resulting in a broken device both to touch and feel as well as operate. Updates to the newer iPhones would only make it more difficult to hack into the functions and unlock. The one advantage of leaving the iPhone as it is would be the fact that it is already available with a perfect economical package on contract with AT&T. If in future the device comes with compatibility among other networks and sim card interchangeability then a lot of folks would be truly happy.

New Features For iPhone OS 3.0

If you’ve been searching for an excuse to update your iPhone (or finally make the leap and purchase one of your very own for the first time), the announcement from Apple yesterday on the new features and goodies it will include might just push you over the edge. The focus appears to be cleaning up a lot of the nagging tiny things that a user would anticipate being easy from the begin.

New Features For iPhone OS 3.0

Image: Apple

Systemwide search- now you can find what you’re looking for from within one search interface, instead of having to detemine what you’re searching for first.

Copy and paste for text, pics, and SMS- why you weren’t able to take a selection of text and move it around across applications before…is just crazy. Finally you can grab a text message and paste it into an email, or grab someone’s name and use it to name a properly name a pic. As just two scenarios where this is more than just a ‘nice to have’.

MMS – I’ve never been a massive user of multimedia messages, but now you can send and receive them on your iPhone.

Improved GPS -probably the biggest complaint I heard from all my iPhone loving friends, is that the GPS has been subpar from the begin. This sounds like a large improvement all around.

Micropayments – while I comprehend why this would be useful, I do appreciate that right now I purchase an app…and then it’s done. Well, now app developers have the option of requiring you to subscribe instead of paying one fee up front.

More from Gizmodo.

New Features For iPhone OS 3.0

New Features For iPhone OS 3.0

Jorno Bluetooth – Portable Keyboard for Your Smartphone

This pocket size keyboard for developed by Cervantes Mobile for the users of the iPhone and a number of other smartphones.

Dubbed the Jorno Bluetooth, this keyboard can be easily folded and unfolded to transform your handset into a fully functional computer.

When folded, the device becomes rather compact and can be easily carried in a pocket or bag.

The Jorno features detachable cradle to hold a handheld device in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Expected to be available in 2011, the keyboard will cost $ 99, but if preordered you will pay $ 79.

[via Gizmowatch]

iPhone Frenzy, Medialet’s monetizing the apps

iPhone Frenzy, Medialet's monetizing the apps

Will there be iPhone frenzy on July 11? We know that there will be plenty of phones to go around, but still my friends and I are already planning to line up at the Apple Store in the wee hours of July 11th to get first dibs. Why do we care this much about a mobile phone upgrade?

The new iPhone 3G has a lot going for it—simply stated, the pricing strategy alone is a win-win (we’ll pay less upfront and about $40 more in the long-term). But, it’s not about the price or the 3G tech, or the new plastics involved.

Far more significant than the hardware upgrades, all iPhones will be able to connect to the App Store, an on the internet service from Apple that will allow us to easily install third-party software that utilizes all of the iPhone’s capabilities. This newfound ability to run virtually any application will soon let the tiny, mobile Apple computer in our pockets do things for us that the machines on our desks could only dream of.

But what will all these life-changing applications cost us? Will the $200 I save on my iPhone 3G just eventually get gobbled up by the App Store instead? Will the average iPhone customer even want to pay for these apps? And, how in the world will companies focused on the Apps, like newly launched actually monetize the software?

Enter Eric Litman, founder and CEO of Medialets, a New York-based advertising delivery platform whose work I hope will end up saving me a lot of my hard-earned cash. His company encourages developers who might otherwise charge up-front licensing fees to instead give their wares away for free. The costs of development would be supported by showing innovative, dynamic advertisements displayed inside the apps with Medialets technology.


Is MobileMe the .Mac Replacement We All Hope It Will Be

Have you ever been a .Mac Subscriber? I was. And on the whole, it was a fairly pleasant painless experience. But, for $99 it seemed like I could solve most if not all of the .Mac features with other services (often free services). But MobileMe could be the answer to all that.

The Old Features

The greatest thing about the old .Mac service was the natural behind the scenes integration with your Mac software. The iLife suite, system preferences, and many independently developed applications all had ways to either publish straight to the .Mac service or synchronize across computers through your .Mac service.

The problem was speed and reliability. I quit using the features of my .Mac acocunt long before they expired because they were simply too much of a pain to use. iDisk was slow and I wouldn’t always be able to connect.

The New Features

Of course the new name is because of the new features. Instead of a set of tools that helps you keep your Mac synced, it is now a set of tools that helps you integrate your mobile self.

They’ve doubled the amount of storage you get for mail and iDisk Storage. Instead of a manual or scheduled sync, your calendar, email, and contacts push their changes from device to device. They’ve also included web versions of all of the applications so you can access your mobile stuff any time and any where you have web access.

The Obstacles

My biggest complaint about the .Mac service was speed and reliability. $99 wasn’t too much for a service that worked, but for something that didn’t quite work, even free would be too much.

One of the other possible problems for iPhone users is going to be battery life. With a constant IP connection, what kind of battery life is the phone going to be left with. The Keynote only lists 5-6 hours of high-speed internet surfing. If perpetual connection only takes 25% of the battery life of surfing, that’s still only leaving 20-24 hours of use. Of course this sounds like all day, but as anyone with a cell phone knows, an hour of speaking not only reduces the talk time but the standby time as well.

I guess we have to wait and see some real life numbers. Personally I would like to see that “Exchange for the rest of us” line actually apply to the rest of us. I would love to have the option of having MobileMe to sync my multiple computers and have it push contacts, calendar, and email to my Blackberry or Windows Mobile Phone just like exchange.

What do you think? Are you already a .Mac subscriber looking forward to the free upgrade? Do you think they left something out?