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New Features For iPhone OS 3.0

If you’ve been searching for an excuse to update your iPhone (or finally make the leap and purchase one of your very own for the first time), the announcement from Apple yesterday on the new features and goodies it will include might just push you over the edge. The focus appears to be cleaning up a lot of the nagging tiny things that a user would anticipate being easy from the begin.

New Features For iPhone OS 3.0

Image: Apple

Systemwide search- now you can find what you’re looking for from within one search interface, instead of having to detemine what you’re searching for first.

Copy and paste for text, pics, and SMS- why you weren’t able to take a selection of text and move it around across applications before…is just crazy. Finally you can grab a text message and paste it into an email, or grab someone’s name and use it to name a properly name a pic. As just two scenarios where this is more than just a ‘nice to have’.

MMS – I’ve never been a massive user of multimedia messages, but now you can send and receive them on your iPhone.

Improved GPS -probably the biggest complaint I heard from all my iPhone loving friends, is that the GPS has been subpar from the begin. This sounds like a large improvement all around.

Micropayments – while I comprehend why this would be useful, I do appreciate that right now I purchase an app…and then it’s done. Well, now app developers have the option of requiring you to subscribe instead of paying one fee up front.

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New Features For iPhone OS 3.0

New Features For iPhone OS 3.0


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