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Street-smart MP3 Music T-Shirts

Street-smart MP3 Music T-Shirts

Despite having cell phones and MP3 players, most men I know cling tenaciously to the practice of carrying everything they need in their jacket pocket or distributed among various pockets of their pants (which, let’s be honest, can lead to less than attractive results). We just can’t seem to shake the notion that any carrying case other than a briefcase, messenger bag or backpack is a handbag, no matter what you call it. The “man purse” is still controversial here in the U.S., whatever the trend might be in Europe.

Until we’re able to erase from our collective memories the man-purse episode of Seinfeld, we can just be thankful that these days cell phones and MP3 players are offered in super trim and lightweight designs, and that there are even some items of clothing specially designed to hide our devices.

The MP3 Music T-Shirt by Music and Sons, is an ingeniously designed and stylish wearable for you and your music player. You’ve to look close to even see that it’s designed to hold your device. Your iPod or other MP3 player fits in a tiny pocket at the front of the t-shirt, and the special, short stereo earphones that come with the t-shirt connect to your player through an integrated cable, and pop out at the neck of the t-shirt in the back (see photos after the jump).


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