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Coming soon: Weddings in space

Coming soon: Weddings in space

More news for the June bride–June 2011, that is. Get married in space. Well, some 62 miles up there, to be precise, on the Rocketplane XP suborbital spaceplane.

The one-hour flight-plus-ceremony will cost $2.2 million, but it’s actually a bargain because the price includes the wedding dress. The price also includes a telecast for guests, but it appears that reception food and drink is still on you.


AFI 10 Top 10 Movies

AFI 10 Top 10 Movies

I’m a huge movie lover. I used to watch a lot more than I do now. Being single provided a lot more free-time and money to take advantage of staying up-to-date on all the latest releases.

The American Film Institute has put together their list of the Top 10 movies in ten different genres.

Animation Romantic Comedy Western Sports Mystery Fantasy Sci-Fi Gangster Courtroom Drama Epic

Of those 100 movies I’ve only seen 48 of them. That’s a lot of great movies I need to be catching up on.

How many of the 100 have you seen? What are your favorites in each genre that didn’t make it into AFI list?


Verizon LG Decoy Phone

Verizon LG Decoy Phone

The Verizon Decoy launched this week ($179 on a two-year contract and after a $50 mail-in rebate) with the much-lauded built-in Bluetooth headset, as well as the usual specs, including a 2 megapixel camera, a 2.2-inch “mirror-like” 240 x 320 display, a micro SD card slot, V CAST music and video support.

Likes: Headset, tools, navigation, 5–way directional joystick, screen & camera resolution (though they could have bumped up to 3.0 megapixels), and sliding ability. My favorite feature? The Bluetooth headset which has superior sound quality; and I love that I can put it back in the phone when I’m completed using it. (Still, Verizon provides headset insurance, just in case.) One quibble: when the headset is out, the indentation worries my thumb, as if the cover is off.

Next, the tools: The calculator has the capability to do powers, for example 5^2=25. You never know when you may be called on to do advanced math, such as checking your tweenies’ homework. Also, the EZ Tip Calculator is handy, if you’re math challenged like me. Simple to set up, it makes that task very simple. The navigation software is intuitive.

If you like the Blackberry Pearl’s scrolling “pearl,” you’ll like the joystick center button on the Decoy. And compared to a Razr, the resolution on the screen is very clear and bright.


Great New Mac vs. PC Ad

I stumbled across this great Mac vs. PC ad yesterday while setting up my new computer (no, not a new mac, but a new PC for work and yes, I “downgraded” to XP). I just found it on YouTube as a video, but the original ad was just a scrolling ad at the top with the guys on the side further down the page.

I think this is a great reinvention of something familiar in a new and attention grabbing way.


Eco mobile phone made of corn – coming from Samsung

Eco mobile phone made of corn - coming from Samsung

If you can’t sleep at night thinking about the environmental damage caused by your need to have a new cell phone every six months, you’ll be glad to know that eco-friendly cell phones made of corn flour are about to be launched in Korea by Samsung Electronics. The Samsung SCH-W510 has a battery cover and other parts made of bio-plastic constructed from corn starch and other environmentally friendly materials. The W-510 is the first of its kind from Samsung, and, according to PCWorld, the handset contains no heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium). Apparently, the high price of oil is partially responsible for this renewed interest in using plastics made of corn in manufacturing.

Via Telecoms Korea, by way of


Kensington’s SlimBlade mobile Bluetooth presenter mouse

Kensington's SlimBlade mobile Bluetooth presenter mouse

You may not get excited by mice, but I have quite a collection of the cute critters. There’s the Logitech multi-media zoomer, my pink Kensington travel model, the Wow-Pen ergonomic version, not to mention the drawer full of reject mice that weren’t up to my exacting standards.

The SlimBlade Presented Mouse by Kensington is my newest pet. It combines a full-function laser mouse and presenter in one sleek device, and is still small enough to fit in your pocket.

Bluetooth connection; switch to go to presentation mode; goes to sleep when your notebook does; ultra-thin design for traveling – what’s not to love? $59.99 at Kensington.

Popularity: 3% [?]


Tequila Herradura – Best of the best for Fourth of July

Tequila Herradura - Best of the best for Fourth of July

Each year our block in the South Bay has a wild (but very well-organized ) July 4th Block party. We do it up right – get a permit to close down the street, rent a double slip n’ slide, run pop-ups and tables down the middle of the street, set up cooking in “BBQ alley” (Brad’s driveway), referee a volleyball and basketball tourney, and string up pinatas. In the evening, the neighborhood band plays and we all dance – munchkins and seniors alike. And all the while I’m serving up my “famous” margaritas.

What’s so fabulous about them? It’s not the homemade mix, fresh limes, or margarita salt. It’s the Herradura tequila, a secret among tequila aficionados. Located and produced in the heart of Mexico’s tequila region, in the tiny town of Amatitan, Jalisco, Tequila Herradura is 100% blue agave tequila carefully crafted using traditional methods, such as cooking the agave in clay ovens and fermenting naturally with wild yeast. They’re one of the few producers to grow their own blue agave, which takes up to 10 years to mature. Like a fine wine, they’re aged in oak for different lengths of time. For example, the Herradura A?ejo Herradura Gold (Reposado) ferments for 2 years, and my favorite, the Herradura Silver, for only 40 months, and none of their tequilas contain carmel (for coloring), sugar or additives.

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