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filepie.comSeveral days ago, a friend of mine showed me a site he’d found in Google. Telling the truth, I though that it was some kinda scam or something illegal. It sounded quite tempting – 29.95$ a month for getting access to almost unlimited database of movies, mp3 albums, software, etc. I decided to take a risk and registered to this site. It was all for free, and very soon a surprise was waiting for me: when I clicked on my first “Download” button, I was re-directed to the payment page where I was immediately offered a trial for only 4.95$ per month! Everything works alright! I have downloaded “Rambo 4” and it was for less than a dollar. Also, I’ve found and downloaded some rare mp3 albums for 0.2-0.3 dollar each, as well as some programs I was looking for.

I looked through the site and could not help noticing its benefits. is a very user-friendly resource, where everything is very simple and well-organized, so you will never get lost in searching for something you need. The site is not overloaded with heavy applets or useless ads, and everything works really very fast! The database of is very impressive, and it seems that they receive newly released movies or albums quite fast. However, their main advantage is anonymity: they do not ask for any personal information of yours.

After signing up, you gain access to the member’s area with multifarious and interesting content which is regularly being updated by the users of this site. Now, there are over 2500 movies, 640000 mp3 songs, 1000 adult movies, 1100 programs. Within the first month, your money will be taken from your account according to the traffic you use (in GB), so there is no payment for content. For example, it will cost you less than a dollar to download a movie, and for an mp3 song they take around 0.1 dollar. It is cheaper than in any online media shop.

Is it legal? I am not sure, but they claim that it is! Anyway, it’s all anonymous, so it’s only their problem, not ours. Is it a scam? Definitely not! I am sure that with such great ambitions this young media-project can drive out of the market, or at least become a very decent rival of it!

Last off, there are some screen-shots:

filepie scam

register to

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